Executive Director PepUp Tech / Consultant and Software Developer
Salesforce Technologies

Selina Suarez is the Executive Director and Founder of PepUp Tech, a nonprofit created to help underrepresented people discover pathways to careers in tech. Selina is also an application developer helping corporations improve organizational operations and success using Salesforce technologies. Prior to coming to Salesforce, Selina spent seven years running programs and developing Salesforce applications for K12 schools and Youth Development organizations across the country. From 2003-2011 she worked in Higher Education focusing on educational attainment for low-income, minority and international students. Throughout her career she has been an advocate for educational equality, diversity and inclusion. She frequently performs pro-bono volunteer projects for organizations in support of social mobility for low-income and people of color.

Selina received an MBA in Executive Management from St. John’s University in 2009. She received a Bachelor of Business Administration from Monroe College in 2005 where she focused her studies in Business Management, Entrepreneurship and Technology. Selina is from New York City and attended public schools including Mark Twain JHS for the gifted and talented where she first began to unravel the complexities and varying levels of education offered to children from low-income areas in NYC. She currently resides in Florida with her family.