Martin AdornoHonoree

My objective as a professor at Monroe College is to create an excellent learning environment and help each student learn by offering them the best lessons possible. I consider myself an organized professional, and make sure all students fully comprehend the curriculum and I consistently provide support to students who require extra guidance. I enjoy contributing and sharing my knowledge and skills in order to help students reach their maximum learning potential. My goal is to ensure that they leave with a genuine opportunity for career progression and successful futures.

Currently, I am a full-time Operations Manager for Vascular Laboratory in the Department of Vascular Surgery at Montefiore Hospital, performing noninvasive vascular ultrasound studies. I have 30 plus years of scanning experience which I have gained working as a vascular sonographer at healthcare institutions such as St. Vincent’s and Beth Israel Hospitals. During that time I performed hands-on vascular scannings, worked on accreditation of the Vascular Labs, and helped to train and mentor students.

I attended Ultrasound Diagnostics School in 1991 and became a Registered Vascular Technician in 2002. I also attended Advanced Career Technology School of Medical Technologists where I obtained a Hematology and Chemistry degree and my registry license to perform bench work as well.

I have also worked as a Research Technologist for sickle cell anemia studies at Montefiore and in an outreach program at Bronx Lebanon Hospital performing lead screenings on children.