Message from the President

Dear Friends,

It is my pleasure to welcome you to The Monroe Foundation 2019 Gala!

Since 1993, the Foundation has supported the higher education dreams of many students as well as having sponsored study-abroad programs in the fields of Culinary and Allied Health.

The attainment of a higher education credential can be a great equalizer, providing individuals from all backgrounds and walks of life with the ability to change fundamentally the future for themselves and their families. The grants provided by The Monroe Foundation translate into access and opportunity across a wide spectrum of students, especially those who reside in urban areas.

Your support of The Foundation’s mission signals your desire to partner with us in changing lives, one student at a time. Your generosity is tangible in the success scholarship recipients can achieve.

Looking out at the guests this evening, I know I will see many individuals who have lent their support over many years. To them, a special thank you. For those of you who are attending our gala for the first time, I welcome you and hope you will choose to join us again next year.

On behalf of The Foundation’s Board of Directors and, most especially, our student recipients, I extend my appreciation.

Warmest Regards,

Stephen J. Jerome